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Sew Long Summer, Hello Double Brushed Poly

I received a FREE copy of both the Rad Patterns Guernica AND the Embrace Tee for this blog post. All opinions remain my own. When I sign...

I received a FREE copy of both the Rad Patterns Guernica AND the Embrace Tee for this blog post. All opinions remain my own.

When I signed up for the Sew Long Summer Series I knew 1 thing absolutely for sure. I NEEDED Double Brushed Poly.

Now, I know many people wear DBP through the summer. But, I'm one of those people that easily over heat. And, TMI, I sweat, a LOT.

I also love DBP though, so as soon as the temps cool below 80 degrees, I'm all about DBP. I don't normally pick my fabric first and then my pattern though. So it took a little longer to come up with a pattern.

I knew a few things were true. The pattern I picked had to be warm enough for early fall which meant sleeves. It had to be something I didn't already own a ton of (so no more raglans or dolmans). It had to look cute with tights so I could transition it into winter.

For some reason I kept coming back to the Rad Patterns Guernica. But that didn't really fit my criteria. It failed the first part, sleeves. It did however fit my other two criteria. I realize there are more rompers out there, including ones with sleeves. However, I really prefer the back neckline of the Guernica. It gives enough room to get in/out. But provides enough coverage to protect against blistering cold. That certainly does boost it up the list.

So I reached out to Stephanie of Rad Patterns and asked her whether any of the sleeves from her other patterns would mash well onto the Guernica. She said yes, the sleeves on the Embrace tee would most certainly work. And boom, a sewing idea was finally born.

Things I love about the Guernica. Pockets! Also, Pockets. Ok, there is more to it than pockets, but making sure I did the pockets was high up on my list. I had a choice between a dress and a romper. I admit, I muslined the dress first. You'll have to wait for another blog post to see that. But I ultimately decided on a shorts romper. It was versatile enough to wear in 70 degree weather, but capable of being worn with tights to transition into cooler weather.

I tried to write this several different ways without pointing out the fitting issues that I missed in a printed fabric. But I can't.  I don't want you to think I'm being dishonest. But for the record, these issues did NOT exist in my rayon spandex muslin. So, before you go, here's what I see and what I would fix for next time.

To achieve a better fit, I would need to:
-Do a full bust adjustment to add both length and some width to the pattern piece.
-Raise the front rise even more. I admit, I have a long front rise. Without the drape intended in the bodice, it is ridiculously clear how much longer my front rise is than what is accounted for in the pattern. This is my fault for removing so much extra length after fitting my rayon spandex muslin.
-Add elastic into the pocket seam. I don't like how the pocket flips out. This happens because the waistline is gathered. But I'd REALLY like it to sit flat. if I were to add a bit of elastic in the seam (and pull it just a bit so it gathers) I think it would sit nicer.

So let me say, I messed this up and did Rad Patterns a disservice. I do love this pattern. And I even love this romper (I would have to, because I'm wearing it right now!). I can (and should) make the fit adjustments that are needed to fit this better to my body. My fit issues are NOT a function of a bad pattern. Designers draft to averages and I'm not average! I'm WAY better than average.

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  1. I appreciate your honest, but I'm glad you still love the pattern! Yes, you are WAY better than average :) the beauty of making adjustments makes sewing extra wonderful!

    1. If I hadn't over adjusted, it would have been perfect. This time, it is my fault. Which sucks worse than having a bad pattern not work on. Because then it wasn't your fault.

  2. Although not perfect: It suits you and the colour is beautiful.

  3. I think it's pretty cute. I wonder if you could add a band at the waist line to give you a little more length?

  4. I love how versatile this romper is, and the floral pocket lining is such a cute detail.

  5. I understand overadjusting sometimes! But if you love it that is what matters most.


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