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Celebrate The Holidays- Holiday Party

Just like last year, DH had a company Holiday Party this year. I spent a LOT of time debating over what to wear. I had SO many plans. I c...

Just like last year, DH had a company Holiday Party this year. I spent a LOT of time debating over what to wear. I had SO many plans. I changed my mind over and over.

But when Patterns for Pirates released the Wiggle Dress, I was SMITTEN. I wanted that. I wanted ALL of that.

Now I didn't go jumping in feet first. I was torn. Would it look ok? Classically, wiggle dresses are showcased on extreme hourglass and pear shaped bodies. Those ladies that have curves. I don't have many curves. Sure, I have enough boobs to share, but my lower half is slim and athletic not shapely.

Sometimes though, you just throw caution to the wind, right? Because I've used P4P many times in the past I had some good ideas as to what adjustments I would need. I shortened above the bust and at the waist. I opted NOT to shorten at the hem. I did find that the armhole was already sufficiently small, so i used the armhole for my size (medium). I just had to redraw the armhole onto my shortened pattern pieces.

I made a size Medium Top blended to a small hip. I did NOT blend out to a size XL waist. I figured that could get squished together with shapewear. Or, I could just not care. You know, whatever.

I made 5 different wiggle dresses before I decided what dress would be "the one." You see, my shop, Simply By Ti, had just stocked some black glitter ponte. I saw this fabric and just knew, it was meant to be a wiggle dress.

However, I forgot a few important things. Firstly,  Thanksgiving. I don't know about you, but I pigged out for nearly a week. That's a lot of extra calories. And when your dress is THIS tight, it matters.

Secondly, I didn't compare THIS ponte's stretch to my other wiggles. 😢 WHY?! So if it hadn't have been for Thanksgiving. The dress would have fit. But you can't squeeze into a dress that is clearly a size too small. Especially not a dress like this.

So I was of course in a panic. I didn't try the dress on until the DAY OF the party. I tried on 12 different outfits. Half of them were clearly too casual for the party. 3 of them were clearly TOO dressed up for the party. What was left? 2 wiggle dresses and a RTW dress from high school (yes, I can still wear a dress from high school).

It was easy enough to rule out the RTW. It lost points simply because I hadn't made it. That left me 2 wiggles to choose from. One in black/white and the other white/black. I never wear white, but the black/white was a chevron and I hadn't perfectly matched up the center back seam. So, white it was!

Thankfully, I didn't have any problems with my shoes or makeup! <WHEW>

But seriously, all of my panic and more than half the people there were wearing jeans! But don't worry, I'm not going to sacrifice my one time a year to dress up and have a good time. I felt completely glamorous.

Join us for an amazing tour. Where we'll be sharing party outfits, toys to sew, gifts for the hard to shop for people on your list, and other sewing inspiration. You won't want to miss a single stop!

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  1. I bet you got tons of compliments on this one! It is so cute and looks very designer with that fabric!!


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