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ITS: Time To Sew

Time to Sew is the perfect title for my post on the Time To Sew Blog Tour. It might be hard to believe, but just 7 weeks ago, I looked ...

Time to Sew is the perfect title for my post on the Time To Sew Blog Tour. It might be hard to believe, but just 7 weeks ago, I looked like this. Hello Baby in my belly! And of course, with baby still inside my body, I still had LOTS of time for sewing. I was sewing about 3 hours a day and weekends I was binge crafting. I only stopped sewing to eat! Let's just say that I finished a LOT of projects in those last few weeks.

But then of course, baby came out and boom, my sewing time is down to about 3 very precious hours a week. And when your crafting time is limited, you REALLY have to pick carefully. There are 2 ways to approach limited crafting time. Option #1- Pick projects that go together fairly quickly so that you can complete MANY projects with your limited time. Or Option #2- Pick a project that needs to be lovingly crafted but that you'll be so proud of in the end.

I couldn't pick, so I present to you 2 projects to use your sewing time!

Project #1- Itch to Stitch Uvita. This is a great FREE pattern, so if you don't have it already, go grab it! To go from the original pattern (see line drawing) to my version, I scooped out the neckline, added a neckband instead of a facing and added arm bands that were the same width as the arm hole. Easy peasy. AND with  so few parts, this sews up FAST. YAY

Project #2 though is the piece de resistance. The Itch to Stitch Chai. Of course with a woven project you want to do a muslin, but this pattern includes built in cup sizes, so my muslin fit on the first try. I will say that when I finally get a "good" bra, I'll want to bring the bodice up about 1/2" but other than that, just sew and go! And sew you will, after you cut out 10 different pattern pieces (some on the fold, some mirror, and some of both main and lining) and then interface several pieces too! This is no fast project. But when you're done, you'll have a lot to be proud of. I mean how fabulous does this look?! The only change I made to this pattern was using pleats instead of gathers at the bust. This was only possible because I needed to add width at the front for my post partum tummy. But I really love the way it looks, so I might try to figure out how to duplicate it in the future too.

And of course, while it looks amazing with my sky high leopard shoes, it does just fine with my every day mom kicks too. 😉

Ready to make your own Chai? It is on flash sale as part of the tour!

And of course, go look at all the stops on the tour so you can figure out which patterns to grab on flash sale!

Here is the line up of Bloggers for the ITS Time to Sew Itch to Stitch Blog 

September 17th 
September 18th 
September 19th 
September 20th 
September 21st 

Fabric for both shirts comes from Simply By Ti (my own shop). But I'm also a sponsor for the tour too. 😁

Visit our sponsors and enter our Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win this unbelievable prize package:
Itch to Stitch: 2 PDF patterns of choice
Simply By Ti: Prize of $20 GC
So Sew English Fabrics: Prize of $30 GC
Mabel Madison Modern Makers: Prize of 3 yard coordinated bundle
WarmCrochet: Pair of scissors

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  1. Great job Ti- amazed at what you accomplish!

  2. Love both pieces and may I say you look fantastic!

  3. OMG, you gave birth less then 7 weeks ago, look fabulous and found time to sew these two tops? Waw! I love your chai!

  4. There is absolutely no mom tummy with that Chai. You look amazing!

  5. You look amazing!! That uvita is exactly my style. And your Chai!!! Love the pleats and fit!

  6. I love your Chai shirt a lot in that color.


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