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Grammies Dolls Margot Tee

Sometimes I do crazy things. Sometimes I do really crazy things and it completely blows up in my face. WHOOPS. What crazy thing did I do? I...

Sometimes I do crazy things. Sometimes I do really crazy things and it completely blows up in my face. WHOOPS. What crazy thing did I do? I signed up for not 1 but 2 pattern tests while I am still stuck in "I don't have my own house limbo. Foolish, I know. When I signed up, my husband was in town. My mom was in town and I had all the sewing time in the world. I had made an offer on the house I wanted, it had been accepted and all I had to do was wait on things to close. Easy, right? Never.
So there I was, out shopping for fabric for the second pattern test and when I get home, my mom let's me know that she has to head out of town to tend to a sick relative. Ok. That sucks, but I can still complete 2 pattern tests, right? So I keep on going. Trying to squeeze in my sewing where I can. Then our real estate deal looks like its about to fall through. Panic. Spend all day on the phone. Calling back and forth trying to fix the problems we've run into. UGH. no sewing time. But there's still time, right? Wrong.

Next my husband leaves to go out of town. WHAT? Yeah, me+kids+basement apartment=insanity. But I won't declare defeat just yet. But I did at least let Theresa of Grammie's Dolls know that I can't complete both tests. Thankfully she was super sweet about it because otherwise, I'm pretty sure my head was going to explode.
And then, just for funsies, my brother (whom I'm staying with) breaks his arm. Full cast for at least 6 weeks. Yeah, sewing just isn't really going to happen on the scale I had planned.
So here I am with my Grammie's Dolls Margot Tee. The Margot Tee is a super simple tank or short sleeve tee. It has a ton  of options built in and I've got a list of easy hacks to add to it too! But the really great part is, its free! So head over to Grammies Dolls on Facebook and grab it from the files.

On to my actual review. The tank is a really simple fit. Its meant to be loose and easy to wear. There is no waist shaping. Which ironically is how I end up having to adjust my patterns anyway, LOL. I sewed up the size small, tunic length. I SHOULD have done a full bust adjustment, but I completely cheated, so I ended up with a little gapping in the armhole. The armscye and neckline are BOUND, not banded, which makes a nice neat finish. There are actually 3 different methods for finishing those areas too which means that you're sure to either be familiar with one of them. But if you're not, the instructions are clear. As always, I did my usual length adjustments and the fit was spot on. 
source (June 21, 2016):
There are 4 hem options (t-shirt, shirt hem, tunic, tunic length with curved shirt hem, butterfly hem). And of course sleeveless or a short sleeve. The really cool things that are included on this pattern are some ruffle t-shirt versions and a layered t-shirt. I'm not sure how those styles would look on me, but I've seen them on real people and they are really pretty. I definitely need to try 1 (or all of them).

My one word of warning. When picking a fabric for this, don't go with a super drapey rayon fabric. I used a super drapey rayon during testing and it was a disaster. The fit was completely off and the armscyes were so saggy and ugly. :( So drape is important, but don't go too far off the deep end here.

As for my hack suggestions.
1- use elastic to ruche the side from tunic length to t-shirt length (especially good for maternity since the top is loose in the waist).
2- Cut the shirt 2 1/2" shorter and add in a 7" (folded in half) band)
3- Do a split hem. 
What are you waiting for? Go get your copy, its free!

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