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It might be hard to believe, but this has been one of my hardest tours yet! Why? Sewing for my kids was easy. Picking from this color pa...

It might be hard to believe, but this has been one of my hardest tours yet! Why? Sewing for my kids was easy. Picking from this color palette for me was hard. Aside from Pink Yarrow, I didn't really love these colors. Where's the black, gray and navy? What about purple?! No doubt, I love this pink color, but I wasn't sold on the others.

But then, I saw this chevron fabric in the Simply Ti Fabric Shop. OMG. Yes, it has pink yarrow. But it also has hazelnut AND primrose. Could it be? Did I find my perfect fabric? And the answer is of course yes!

I know a lot of people are afraid of rayon spandex. So let me point out 2 really important things.
#1- The Simply By Ti Rayon Spandex is a heavier weight than the typical Rayon Spandex. So it isn't as tough to sew.
#2- Our Rayon Spandex isn't sheer like other rayon spandex. For reference, I am wearing a BLACK, LACE bra under this romper with gray undies. You can't see them. Not even a little. :)

Next I had to decide what to sew with this beauty.

I've been considering the romper trend for a long time. Possibly so long that it is no longer cool. Did I miss a style trend? I wouldn't be surprised.

I already owned the Winter Wear Designs Riviera Romper, but I had never sewn it, so I used that for my first muslin. I realized the dolman top option was going to require a LOT of fitting, and I'm too busy for that. So instead, I mashed the Made For Mermaids Mama Claire onto the bottoms. PERFECTION. The best part about that is that I can also make a cross front romper too! And I won't need the tie on the neckline either.

To achieve this look, I slimmed the legs of the romper by 1". My skinny legs can't handle all of that extra fabric.

I mashed the upper body of the Mama Claire with the lower bodice portion of the Riviera Romper. I also scooped out the back to match the Riviera. I slimmed the front bodice to be identical to the back width. This gave me a little less "poof" around the waist.

This sewed up fast and aside from having to press the neckline binding, was relatively painless (curse you iron). And most importantly, COMFY. Rompers are so comfy.

Now, before anyone goes giving me a hard time for matching the stripes on the bottom back but not on the front. This chevron is NOT symmetrical in its repeat. So there is no spot where you can fold over from one section to the next and find the repeat. I managed to get the back to match up with zero effort. Then I spent 2 hours trying to find any part that would repeat for the front. After 2 hours, I quit. I don't feel the least bit guilty. Feel free to judge me.

Ready to follow along on another great blog tour? We've got inspiration for you every weekday for the entire month of March. I can't wait to see how others are interpreting this color palette.

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