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A Trench Coat Round Up

Are you following the #2by2sal at the Sew Along and Sewing Contests Group? Remember my plans post ? Hah. Yeah, I didn't even make it an...

Are you following the #2by2sal at the Sew Along and Sewing Contests Group? Remember my plans post? Hah. Yeah, I didn't even make it an entire day before I got distracted and changed things up a little.

So here I am thinking that maybe I will make a trench coat. But making decisions is hard. So for your and my reading pleasure, a PDF pattern trench coat round up!

For reference, I have made this pin board for you to check out.
The Sewaholic Robson. This pattern has epaulets and shoulder details. Great for the pear shape that Sewaholic drafts for. BAD for this inverted triangle. Shoulder details will make my shoulders wider AND I'd have to blend from a size 12 bust/waist, do a full bust adjustment THEN go to size 2 or 4 hip. EEP. Too much blending for me!

Up next, the Deer and Doe Luzerne. Deer and Doe previously were paper only. I'm excited to see them start offering pdf patterns! This pattern has NO shoulder details, princess seamed bodice and no lining. Without a lining, the sewing would be pretty fast. It is a nice mid length, perfect to wear over short skirts and dresses. In this pattern I would only have to blend from a 42 bust to a 40 hip. That is doable. I have to admit, this is the one I'm considering most.

Named has the Isla Trench Coat. Isla is a full length trench with a lined cape. It has lots of shoulder details, so again not the best choice for me. It also doesn't have princess seams. Great if you want a full length coat. I don't want a full length coat and don't like the extra in the shoulder.

Pauline Alice has the Quart Coat. This coat has a high stand up collar and adorable pleat detail on the dropped waist. I LOVE this style. The pleated skirt would give great weight to my hips and add balance to this coat for me. I really like the style, but as a lined coat, it is going to be heavier than I really want given we're headed into spring. Perhaps I'll come back to this and consider it for a pretty pink spring/fall coat.

I've actually sewn the Winter Wear Designs Provence Coat. It has a LOT of pieces. Perhaps I'm better off sewing something I already own? HAH. #buyallthepatterns But after going back to look at this, it might be worth revisiting. I remember being a bit unhappy with the tightness of the armscye, but with the experience I've gotten over the last year+ I think I could fix that easily. Decisions decisions.

Style Arc has not 1 but 4 trench type coats. My problem with them is that you only get 3 sizes in the pdf versions. My weight and size fluctuates, sometimes 2 or more sizes either way (thanks thyroid problems). 3 sizes really isn't enough for me to be sure that I can sew this more than once.

Choices: Beatrice Pea Coat. The Grace Transitional Coat has a cocoon type fit. The Prue Trench has a raglan sleeve (which of course I really like). The Ingrid is more a opened suit jacket type, but could definitely be a good option.

Lekala Patterns has a TON of trench coat type patterns. If you don't mind that you only get 1 size it isn't a bad bet. HOWEVER, keep in mind that I didn't have great experience with their lengths (despite including it in their measurements). But I think this would be the fastest LEAST number of muslin adjustments. There are single and double breasted collars. Buttons, zippers, hoods, welt or inseam pockets. Princess seams, darts. No matter the options you're looking for, this has ALL of them.

Grainline Studio has the Cascade Duffle Coat. It is more a duffle than a trench, but I do believe that it is good enough.

Simple Sew has The Trench Coat. I've never used Simple Sew nor do I like the gathered look at the front waist. But if you like their patterns, this may be the way to go.

Shwin Designs has the Nina Coat. It has a really big circle skirt. I thought it would be flattering on me, but I think the collar was too big, so I looked unbalanced. I still wore it. But I'm not going to make this one again. You can see my finished photos here.

Mummykins and Me has the Amsterdam Coat. This is more duffle than trench, but I like the details (and the hood) and may consider it anyway.

Found the coat you need yet? I'm still looking for patterns. I'd love to hear if there are other pdf patterns out there.

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  1. Burda style trench coat PDF

    I especially love this one for it's French je ne sais quoi attitude

  3. Check this one out. The sizing is not based on body measurements. It's based on finished garment ones. It has B,C, and D cup sizing. It's a paper pattern, but I haven't found any pdf that comes close. There's also a video about how to simplify the pattern if you don't want to use all of the pieces. I've learned a lot about fitting from Peggy Sagers.


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