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Ch- Ch- Changes, Hey June Hatteras

I am really excited to be sharing my blog post for today. I've sewn the Hey June Handmade Hatteras Hoodie , A LOT. But I've never ac...

I am really excited to be sharing my blog post for today. I've sewn the Hey June Handmade Hatteras Hoodie, A LOT. But I've never actually reviewed it! FOR SHAME!

Time to change that (see what I did there? change. 😂).

Now I hate to tell you this, but I have to hit you with another pun. Because the reason I'm talking about the Hatteras hoodie is because here in southeastern Wyoming, you never know when the weather is going to change! While my east coast friends are donning their shorts our weather forecast can be anywhere between 52-80० F. Those are just our daily highs! Just this past Saturday, the high was 81 and the low was 43. Living here at 6000+ ft elevation, the sun is scorching hot and when it goes down, the temps drop, fast.

Since we like to go to out in the evening, when the sun is not so scorching hot, we always have layers around. The Hey June Hatteras is the perfect kid friendly layer. There are 3 views, and I have made all 3, but the one that is requested the most is the zip up hoodie.

The pattern pieces on this pattern match up perfectly. And there are tons of little finishing details that are included, like a neck and hood seam facing for the hoodie version. I usually skip those, lol. While the pattern doesn't include it, you could fully line this pattern and make a pretty weather proof hoodie.

I do have one complaint about this pattern. The sleeve has added ease in the cap to aid in movement. This is a good idea, especially for something that will likely be worn over other layers. I have found that the extra ease isn't necessary for my skinny kids and slows me down from sewing up the armscye without pins. I usually just pin the shoulder seam and then ease to fit from front to back. So I shift my sleeve pattern just a bit (it is cut on the fold) to eliminate that bit of ease. This is less of an issue if you use a stretchy, 4 way knit, but all of my versions have been with a poly fleece body which doesn't have much if any vertical ease.

If you are new to sewing zippers or to sewing zippers on a knit fabric, I highly recommend using poly fleece as your first try. The stable vertical seams makes it sew in nearly as fast as on a woven. Take advantage of the link in the tutorial on shortening your zipper if you need to. Personally, I just cheat and melt the plastic teeth with a match. I usually forget to do this before I install the zipper

I'm really happy that the Hatteras goes up to a size 14, as we have these in nearly every size up through DD1's size 10 hoodie. I would have hated to have to buy another pattern to get the tween sizes. Even better than that, is that this pattern also has a women's version, the Halifax. I've had my eye on that one for a while, and will likely grab it at the next sale.

As for the tour, Ch-Ch-Changes, we're going to be talking about changes to our sewing. Whether that is a transition for the season change, getting more organized, trying new things, reconsidering old things, or styling things. I can't wait to see how each of the other bloggers interpret our theme!

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