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All the Under Armour with Greenstyle Jillian

I've been busy sewing up patterns that have been sitting in my stash a while and I'm just now getting the Greenstyle Jillian . When ...

I've been busy sewing up patterns that have been sitting in my stash a while and I'm just now getting the Greenstyle Jillian. When the new Under Armour fabrics came into the Simply By Ti shop, I knew that this was the perfect project for them.

To pair with the Jillian, I made a pair of Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs (You can click the link to see my previous review) with the black Under Armour. . Before I talk up the Jillian I want to talk about this fabric. I wore this outfit ALL day while cutting and hauling trees in our yard. I got sweaty. REALLY sweaty. But I wasn't even a little sweaty under my pants. And even though they're super thick, I didn't get hot or cold. They were just a little bit of perfection. Clearly Under Armour really knows their fabric!

The Greenstyle Jillian includes a sports bra, tank, tube top AND an outer layering tank. That is a seriously versatile pattern. The outer layering tank was perfect for the colored Under Armours. The colored Fabrics have 50% of VERY firm stretch. It is amazing for loose fitting tops and has great drape.

I will note, I shortened the armscye and regret it. Racerbacks can be tricky to get them to lay flat against the body and tuck under the shoulder blade. I'm starting to think that while I need less length in the armscye due to my thin arms, I need extra length in my shoulder blades... Mostly, I'm saying this to let you know that the armscye doesn't drape all wonky. I made a wonky armscye when I shortened the armscye.

Under my Jillian layering tank I have my "Shefit Sports Bra".  I wouldn't normally talk about RTW here on the blog, but I was pleasantly surprised with this bra and I think other people will be too. It is SUPER adjustable. You can adjust the underbust and each shoulder for the perfect fit. You can wear the straps crossed or straight and since they come undone, you could even breastfeed in it. I wish the coverage went a little higher but this bra held everything in place while I was hauling branches, so I recommend it. I never once had to adjust the bra. Plus, it looks super cute under my Jillian. So that's a win right there. 😉

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  1. Thank You! I always like seeing how people use fabric I'm not sure about. Looks great!

  2. this looks great, I was eyeing the purple


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