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Ch- Ch- Changes, Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

If you know Sewing By Ti, you know I don't really "do" bags. But its time for a change! I made not only a bag, but a ...

If you know Sewing By Ti, you know I don't really "do" bags. But its time for a change!

I made not only a bag, but a coin purse AND a wallet! What? I know. Try not to die of shock. I almost died of shock myself.

So my nice knew card wallet went so well, I felt like I could tackle a bag. And then I just kept going!

When I got it in my mind to make a bag, I knew I needed something simple and preferably free. My favorite place for free bag patterns is Craftsy. All you have to do is type in bag, then set the preferences to free and you have TONS of options. It was actually hard to decide which to pick.

So I had to narrow some things to down. What did I want? I thought long and hard. I realized I wanted a bag big enough to fit my laptop in. I'm very lucky in that I have a small chromebook, so my bag didn't have to be too big.

When I found the Andrie Designs Good to Go Messenger Bag, I knew I had found the right bag! It was simple, with only an inside patch pocket and would work great with the denim I had.  AND there were 2 size options. I went with the larger, but the smaller is on my list.

I knew I wanted it to be lightly padded, to keep my laptop at least a little safe, but didn't have any fusible fleece. Forget that. Who has time for special supplies when you're crafting at 10pm at night?! So I used the giant stack of poly fleece scraps I had. I opted to NOT fuse it and just sew it inside as an extra layer. Worked perfectly.

My bag is soft and slouchy and fits both my and my husband's laptops, plus my 2 phones (don't ask), wallet, card wallet, coin purse and keys! Woot. I'm ready to go anywhere.

I actually bought this unicorn fabric to make a dress for my daughter. But she needs a new dress like a whole in her head, so it was perfect for my bag!

After I put together the bag, I knew I needed a little coin purse. Except I started the coin purse after midnight. And let me tell you, I don't make good decisions after midnight. Actually, I suspect many people would tell me I don't make good decisions after around 9pm, LOL. This coin purse tutorial turned out just fine, except for the part where I forgot to trim the zipper. So it is a little bulky, but it definitely works.

And then of course, if you have a new bag, and a new coin purse, you need a new wallet. (Is this turning into one of those "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" books?)

You'll have to wait for Friday to read about my wallet.

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