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Ch- Ch- Changes, A New Wallet

Once upon a time (like at least 4 years ago), I made this wallet. You can tell. It previously held that mountain of cards from earlier this ...

Once upon a time (like at least 4 years ago), I made this wallet. You can tell. It previously held that mountain of cards from earlier this week. Yeah. It needed replaced. So while we're changing things...

Do you see this? This is my old wallet. Sure, it was bad ass. But now, well, it is just worn and sad.

Time for a new wallet. When I considered my wallet options, I had lots of things to choose from. I have the Eloise which is now retired from Swoon. I have the So Sew Easy Ultimate wallet too. But the truth is, once I had made a card wallet, I only needed room for a couple of credit cards, my driver's license and some cash. WHEW. What a relief to not have to carry so much stuff around.

So even though I had all these great patterns, I opted to go with super simple and free! My old wallet was the Modest Maven Bifold Wallet and it seemed perfect to just remake it. I'm not sure why, but it went together super fast. Perhaps the key is having good materials and tools?

-When I originally made this pattern, I did NOT have a rotary cutter! Talk about painfully cutting out rectangles. So, if you want to change up your sewing for the better, a rotary cutter and VERY large mat make fast business of cutting out patterns.

-Big plastic rulers. Plastic rulers make fast work when you pair them with a rotary cutter.

-Small rulers for making the perfect little pleats. Rather than using an old card, I just measured the pleats out. Worked just fine.

-A REALLY hot iron. Truth is, 4 years ago, I didn't iron my projects. I felt it was too much work. What a shame. Ironing makes one of the biggest differences to your projects!

-Wonder clips. When you are pinning all these pieces and their seam allowances, you reach a point where the pins just can't hold things straight. Wonderclips keep things from shifting around so well.

-A larger sized needle. In all my laziness, I only ever changed my needles when they broke. And different sizes, what was that? Don't be like me. I switched to a 90/16 and was able to go over the multiple layer seams without a single problem!

Isn't time you get a new wallet? This one sews up in a snap.

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